Gardening jobs for April

There are lots of jobs to keep you busy in the garden in April.  Below are a few of the things you could be doing:

Lawn care

Your lawn should have had its first cut of the season.  If not get out and give it a good cut and tidy up all the edges.  If your lawn is looking a bit patchy now is the ideal time to oversow any bare areas with grass seed.  If your lawn is beyond repair and you want instant results why not lay a new lawn now while it has time to bed in before the Summer.

Jet washing

Get rid of all the Winter grime from your decking, patio, driveways and garden furniture by giving it all a good jet wash.


If you want to have some home grown veg to enjoy later in the season this month is the ideal time to get sewing vegetable and herb seeds.  If you don’t feel confident growing them from seed pop down to your local garden centre and buy some plants, this would be better towards the end of April when the chance of a frost has lessened.


Get out and give your large plants, rose bushes and shrubs a good feed.  Nows also the ideal time to plant perennial flowers to fill your beds with colour come the Summer – remember to plant them in odd numbers, 3, 5 or 7 of the same plant.

Build a bug house

Entertain the kids for an hour or two by building a bug house.  Use left over pieces of wood, trellis, broken plant pots and bamboo canes to create a place to encourage insects.

IMG_2436Insect hotel



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