Gardening jobs for July

Now should be the time to sit back and enjoy your hard work in the garden.  Flowers should be in bloom and your fruit and veg should be growing like mad and even giving you some to harvest.  There are still some things you can do in the garden to keep it looking great:

Get rid of pests

Having survived the slugs and snails now its black fly time.  Stop them ruining your plants by either buying a spray from your local DIY store or a non chemical alternative is to mix a small drop of washing up liquid with lots of water and pop it in a sprayer to cover your plants.

Feed you plants

Giving your plants a feed will give them all a boost and may even help you yield better crops from your fruit and veg plants.


It’s a boring job but keep knocking the tops of your weeds to stop them taking over the garden.

Dead head you plants

Make your garden look more pleasing to the eye by dead heading any fading flowers.  Simply pinch off their heads once they have stopped flowering or for plants with tougher stalks use a pair of secateurs to snip them back.  This can give you a second burst of flowers with some plants in the garden.

Lawn care

Keep mowing your lawn on a weekly basis as it will be growing like mad now with the warm but wet weather we have been having.


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