Caring for your lawn

October is a great time to give your lawn a little TLC as its been walked and trampled on over the Summer months.  There are lots of things that the gardening websites tell you to do but what do they actually mean:

Aereate the lawn

Aereating is making lots of little holes in the lawn to let stale carbon dioxide filled air escape and oxygen filled air into the soil to stimulate growth.  You can aereate the lawn by taking a normal garden fork and digging it all over the lawn surface to make lots of little holes or you could try these nifty little ‘sandals’

Scarify your lawn

If your lawn has lots of moss in it or is looking a little bit dead you can scarify it.  Scarifying your lawn will make it look worse before it looks better so its best to do it at the end of the Summer when your lawn it not in its growing season.    It is best to scarify the lawn when it is dry.  You could invest in a scarifier or just use a garden rake – but be prepared for a work out if you are using a rake.

Before you scarify:

  • Mow your lawn a couple of times the two weeks prior
  • Feed your lawn with a standard lawn feed

Top dress your lawn

Once you have aerated and scarified your your lawn  you can top dress it with a ‘top dressing’ which can be bought from a DIY shop.  Apply the top dressing when the lawn is relatively dry,  scatter a small amount over the surface of the lawn and then work it in with a stiff brush or the back of a rake.  Water the entire lawn to finish.

Garden maintenanceIMG_2320


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