Man loves fire

The only must have for this garden was a fire pit.

When we initally went to see this client the only thing that was a definite requirement in this garden was a fire pit and a place to create fire.  This was the key thing in the garden and the rest of the garden evolved around this quest for fire.  Fire pits generally tend to be a small dish in the ground with a few rocks surrounding them but it was clear that this needed to be a fire pit with a difference.

  • Taking in the idea that people like to sit around a fire pit at the end of the day when the sun goes down we constructed a large seating area around the raised fire pit.  The seating area was built out of blocks which were shaped to have a sloped back (like a sofa) for comfort and rendered to give a sharp clean finish.
  • To access the fire pit a main gravel pathway was bulit from the house, this then branched off and looped off around the back of the fire pit and to the shed.
  • The fire pit gave the perfect backdrop to show off plants so flower beds were constructed to add shape and movement in the garden.
  • Oversized large boulders were dotted throughout the flower beds to add additional interest.
  • To take in the views beyond the garden the solid fence was broken up with full height trellis panels.  This enclosed the garden but didn’t close it off to the open space beyond the fence.