Small townhouse garden

Making the most of your outdoor space, however small.

Just because your garden is small it doesn’t mean you can’t have a good, useable outdoor space.  This client had a functional but uninspiring back garden and having renovated their house they wanted to make the garden an extention of their new kitchen.

  • The garden was walled in on three sides and the neighbours wall at the bottom of the garden was in need of repair.  To disguise this and to break up the walling a hardwood lat fence was constructed to add some interest and warmth to the garden.
  • To add some levels in the garden, raised beds were constructed so that the planting was elevated and stood out.  This also created some more shape in the garden.
  • Indian Sandstone paving was used to give the patio warmth and a clean look.  Also its practical and hardwearing in this small space.

The new refreshed garden now reflects the house and also invites the client to get outside and use the space they have when the weather is nice.